The Mr./Mrs. Know-It-All in your office

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I recently found myself hating the idea of going to work, not because I don’t enjoy my job, but because I didn’t want to see certain people in the office.  I considered moving to another job, but quickly came to terms with the idea that running away is not a realistic option.  Truth is, doesn’t matter where one goes or what environment one work in, there will always be those annoying individuals that make you wonder “how the hell did they end up next to you?” and “why won’t you shut up already?”.

So this particular co-worker of mine is…..(what’s a polite way of putting this?) a Mr. Know-All-It, which is quite funny considering the fact that he knows the least out of everyone in the office.  He comes across as narcissistic, ignorant, rude, disrespectful and nobody chooses to interact with him.  He is the type of guy who has no shame in dropping a serious stink bomb in the office toilet, and then explaining to you where poop comes from as if you were a 2 year old, over the 10:00am coffee break.  It’s like honestly, have you got no manners or respect for yourself?  Worst part is, he doesn’t know where poop comes from, but he will continue spinning you the biggest load of nonsense for the next half and hour.  Behaviour like this is definitely not normal, and every time my will power gets tested, I make a mental note that I should try harder to work him out my system.

If you have someone like this in your office, bad news is that there is no quick fix, especially if you have to work with them.  They unfortunately won’t be going anywhere, so your only chance is to make the change from your side.  Here is the 3 things I have done or implemented, and life has been a bit peachier since.

1.  You don’t need to be friends with the people you work with:

People put way too much emphasis on team work, and office relationships.  Some countries overseas prefer their staff not to have personal relationship with each other, it keeps things objective and you focus on your job.  So try cutting these people out from your personal life, you can be professional, however you do no need to share stories with them.

2. Speak to your boss or supervisor:

We don’t all have the same triggers, so what annoys you might not annoy someone else.  So if there is someone in your work-life whom you can’t handle, the best is to speak to your boss or supervisor about it before the situation gets out of control.  I don’t mean to bitch and moan or to attack your co-worker on a personal level, but just to explain why it is not suitable for you to work together.  Most often your boss will understand and they will take action, after all if would be to their advantage if they could avoid conflict in the office.

3. Wear earphones:

I struggle to focus when people are yapping away loudly next to me, and if it happens to be Mr. Know-It-All who actually knows F*$& – All, then it really makes me unproductive.  So it is easier to cut the background noise out with a pair of earphones, because what you don’t hear won’t bother you.

Hope these tips help you.  If not be positive, we’re a month away from a well deserved holiday.


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