What Are You Earning And How Does It Measure Up

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At some point in our lives, we have all wondered how our salaries measured up to the people around us.  You see your friends who you graduated with getting married, having kids, buying property and travelling the world, all at the same time, yet you are still struggling to pay back your student loan.  Naturally you believe they are getting a larger salary than you, but it is impossible to actually know that unless they had told you.  And since salaries are quite a private topic for South Africans, most of us don’t feel comfortable discussing it over a Saturday braai, so the question lingers and you continue being left in the dark.

This needs to change!  To be able to make better financial decisions, it is crucial to know how your salary compares to others in the same position as you.  You should know what your worth is and if you are being payed accordingly.  And if you are being under-payed, you should know what the going rate is for further negotiations either with your current or potential new employer.  In the last quarter of 2015, the estimate number of employed South Africans were 8 992 000 according to Trading Economics, making it the highest number of employment in a very long time.  The retirement age for both men and women are still 60.  The average low skilled wage is R3410.00/month, and the high skilled wage average is R19 900.00/month.

For an indication of what your specific profession is getting paid, you can visit Payscale, to see the anonymous salary logs for various professions.  The site is quite resourceful, as one can see the logs per province, age group or years of experience, etc.

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